Meet the Top Fleets

Seventy-seven of the best workplaces in Canada’s trucking and logistics industry have earned honours through the 8th annual Top Fleet Employers program.

All applicants were rated on topics including recruitment and retention practices, workplace culture, compensation, training and skills development, and innovative HR practices. Additionally, those who have been recognized in the program for a minimum of 5 years are honoured with the Top Fleet Employer of Distinction status.

The 2021 honours are awarded to:

(listed by the number of years in the program)

  • Bison Transport MB
  • Challenger Motor Freight ON
  • Edge Transportation Services Ltd. SK
  • Erb Transport ON
  • Home Hardware Stores Limited ON
  • Kindersley Transport Ltd. SK
  • Kriska Holdings Ltd. ON
  • Liberty Linehaul Inc. ON
  • Linamar Transportation Inc. ON
  • Logikor ON
  • Ryder Canada Supply Chain Solutions ON
  • C.A.T. QC
  • Transpro Freight Systems Ltd. ON
  • Triton Transport Ltd. BC
  • Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. MB
  • Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd. ON
  • Canaan Shipping Co. Ltd. BC
  • Canada Cartage ON
  • J&R Hall Transport Inc. ON
  • Joseph Haulage Canada Corp. ON
  • Midland Transport Ltd. NB
  • Olymel – Transport Transbo Inc. QC
  • Q-Line Trucking SK
  • Rosedale Transport ON
  • Steed Standard Transport Limited ON
  • Sutco Transportation Specialists BC
  • Tandet ON
  • TIP Fleet Services Canada Ltd.  ON
  • Westcan Bulk Transport AB


This year we welcome as a (5+ Years) Fleet of Distinction:
  • Carmen Transportation ON
  • Groupe Guilbault QC
  • Harv Wilkening Transport Limited SK
  • JD Smith Supply Chain Solutions ON
  • Munden Ventures Ltd. BC
  • National Shunt Services Ltd. ON
  • ONE for Freight ON
  • Onfreight Logistics ON
  • Payne Transportation Ltd MB
  • STG Fleet Services SK
  • Woodcock Brothers Transportation Group ON
  • Rosenau Transport Ltd AB
  • XTL Transport Inc. ON






4 Years:
  • Arrow Transportation Systems Inc BC
  • Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd. BC
  • Beyond Transportation Inc. ON
  • Caron Transportation Systems AB
  • Coastal Pacific Xpress BC
  • Fortigo Freight Services Inc. ON
  • Polaris Transportation Group ON
  • RST and Sunbury Transport NB


3 Years
  • Alchemist Specialty Carriers BC
  • Armour Transportation Systems NB
  • Big Freight Systems Inc. MB
  • Client Transport Inc. ON
  • GX Transportation Solutions Inc. ON
  • Spring Creek Carriers Inc.  ON
  • Trimac Transportation AB
  • VersaCold Logistics Services AB


2 Years:
  • ASL Global Logistics ON
  • Cardinal Couriers ON
  • Whitecourt Transport Inc AB
  • Vitesse Trucking Services QC
  • Steve’s Livestock Transport MB
  • Northern Resource Trucking SK
  • Diversco Systems Inc ON
  • 4Refuel ON
  • Mill Creek Motor Freight LP ON


First Year:
  • Apps Transport Group ON
  • Castle Fuels (2008) Inc. BC
  • ColdStar Solutions Inc BC
  • Energy Transportation Group QC
  • Frontier Distribution Services ON
  • New West Truck Centres AB
  • Nortrans Freight Management BC
  • Trans4 Group Ltd ON
  • Walmart Fleets ULC ON
  • Wellington Group of Companies ON


The 2020 honours were awarded to:

(listed by the number of years in the program)

5+ years – Top Fleet Employers of Distinction:
  • Bison Transport (MB)
  • Challenger Motor Freight (ON)
  • Edge Transportation Services Ltd. (SK)
  • Erb Transport (ON)
  • Home Hardware Stores Limited (ON)
  • Kindersley Transport Ltd. (SK)
  • Kriska Holdings Ltd. (ON)
  • Liberty Linehaul Inc. (ON)
  • Linamar Transportation Inc. (ON)
  • Logikor (ON)
  • Ryder Canada Supply Chain Solutions (ON)
  • C.A.T. (QC)
  • Transpro Freight Systems Ltd. (ON)
  • Triton Transport Ltd. (BC)
  • Arnold Bros. Transport Ltd. (MB)
  • Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd. (ON)
  • Canaan Shipping Co. Ltd. (BC)
  • Canada Cartage (ON)
  • J&R Hall Transport Inc. (ON)
  • Joseph Haulage Canada Corp. (ON)
  • Midland Transport Ltd.  (NB)
  • Olymel – Transport Transbo Inc. (QC)
  • Q-Line Trucking (SK)
  • Rosedale Transport (ON)
  • Steed Standard Transport Limited (ON)
  • Sutco Transportation Specialists (BC)
  • Tandet  (ON)
  • Trailer Wizards (ON)
  • Westcan Bulk Transport (AB)
4 years:
  • Carmen Transportation (ON)
  • Groupe Guilbault (QC)
  • Harv Wilkening Transport Ltd. (SK)
  • JD Smith Supply Chain Solutions (ON)
  • Munden Ventures Ltd.   (BC)
  • National Shunt Services Ltd. (ON)
  • ONE for Freight (ON)
  • Onfreight Logistics (ON)
  • Payne Transportation Ltd (MB)
  • STG Fleet Services (SK)
  • Woodcock Brothers Transportation Group (ON)
  • Rosenau Transport Ltd   (AB)
  • XTL Transport Inc. (ON)
3 years:
  • Arrow Transportation Systems Inc (BC)
  • Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd. (BC)
  • Beyond Transportation Inc. (ON)
  • Caron Transportation Systems (AB)
  • Clarke Road Transport Inc. (NS)
  • Coastal Pacific Xpress (BC)
  • Fortigo Freight Services Inc. (ON)
  • Polaris Transportation Group (ON)
  • RST and Sunbury Transport (NB)
2 years:
  • Alchemist Specialty Carriers (BC)
  • Armour Transportation Systems (NB)
  • Big Freight Systems Inc. (MB)
  • Client Transport Inc. (ON)
  • GX Transportation Solutions Inc. (ON)
  • Highlight Motor Group  (ON)
  • Spring Creek Carriers Inc.  (ON)
  • Trimac Transportation   (AB)
  • VersaCold Logistics Services (AB)
This year we welcome:
  • ASL Global Logistics (ON)
  • Cardinal Couriers (ON)
  • Whitecourt Transport Inc (AB)
  • Vitesse Trucking Services (QB)
  • Steve’s Livestock Transport (MB)
  • Northern Resource Trucking (SK)
  • Diversco Systems Inc (ON)
  • 4Refuel (ON)
  • Mill Creek Motor Freight LP (ON)