The Power of Brand in Recruitment and Retention

Posted on May 22, 2018 by Bridget O'Shaughnessy

Recruitment and retention are currently top-of-mind for all trucking and logistics employers. Competition for talent is stiff and the labour supply is shrinking with so many employees getting close to retirement.

How do you set your business apart?

Be yourself. No, I don’t mean it in the cheesy way that self-help books use it. I mean: define your company brand and make sure potential candidates know about it.

Where to start, where to start…

Start with what you do well. What makes your company culture unique? What benefits do you offer that your employees really appreciate? Why do people who work for you value their employment experience? Why would a top employee want to join your company?

Do your research and get the answers.

Now shout it from the rooftops!

Well, not exactly. Shout it where potential candidates are listening.

Job seekers are consumers, and you have to catch their eye in a sea of similar products. Every touchpoint is a chance to highlight your brand. They’re looking at the job posting, they’re going to your website, they’re looking at online reviews, they’re looking at your social media, and, as we know, word travels fast in our industry so they are definitely listening to your current employees-the ones who know your brand best.

This brings us back to that cheesy point about being yourself. It doesn’t matter who you say you are, if your employees don’t believe it, then it’s not part of your brand. In other words: “you gotta walk the walk.”

Prove that you’re top notch

Setting yourself apart is hard but proving that your HR practices are top notch can show candidates that you are committed to providing a work environment where they can thrive.

Third-party recognition from a reputable source can help, and our Top Fleet Employers program is one such example. This national program recognizes the importance of having sound HR policies and practices in the trucking and logistics industry. Top Fleet Employers is open to fleets of every size and type and it’s validated by a panel of industry experts and a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). The rating criteria reflect Canadian human resources issues, trends and working environments, and Trucking HR Canada’s standards of excellence. Use this recognition to enhance your brand.

Reach a new audience

At 37%, millennials (sometimes called Generation Y) are the largest demographic in Canada’s workforce. The key to recruiting millennials into trucking and logistics, as you’ve probably already guessed, will be your brand. Research shows that millennials want job opportunities and job security, the ability to use technology, and ongoing feedback, coaching, mentoring, and recognition in their workplaces. Draw on the research to match what this cohort is looking for in an employer to your brand identity-what you stand for and what you do well.

It’s not just millennials who are making career decisions based on brand, it’s all age groups. Your brand is the most powerful tool you have for recruitment and retention. Allow people to connect to your brand, your vision, mission, and the values that make your company unique. Make sure it’s clearly defined, make sure it’s true to your company values, and then highlight it where job seekers will see it.