THRC Career Expressway

THRC Career ExpressWay

Trucking HR Canada’s Career ExpressWay connects employers with career seekers looking for professional work experience in one of Canada’s largest and essential sectors.


Let’s explore the programs we offer for employers and career seekers:

Opportunities abound!

Our direct reach to over 4500 employers across the country coupled with financial incentives mean we are well positioned to deliver meaningful and relevant work experiences for all.

Employers:  Are you still relying on referrals to fill your driver positions?  Reach out to new talent pools and get up to $15,000 in financial wage support as you do. Need to fill other office positions?  We have you covered there too – up to $15,000 in wage supports are available for these positions too.  In these times of uncertainty, our program can hep reduce your risk.

Educators:  Are you looking to place your graduates in meaningful, career boosting roles?  From logistics, dispatch, customer service, sales, business analytics, driving positions and more – our sector employs over 650,000 people.

Career seekers: We connect you with a career that will fuel your passion.  From the open road where you help to deliver essential goods, to exploring new technological innovations –Are you looking for an opportunity to make an impact? Do you want to grow your skill set, feel valued, and become a core part of the team? Do you want to have a career that is stimulating and challenging?  We offer what you seek – let us help you on this path to your potential.

Our industry provides well-paying, stable, and rewarding jobs. The wage and training subsidy offered through Career ExpressWay will help employers better connect with new recruits, who will in-turn gain valuable work experience that can propel their career.  Opportunities abound – new recruits will build their skills while gaining access to a professional network offering numerous different career paths with a range of employers that are essential in ensuring Canada’s supply chain keeps moving.

Employers benefit by gaining access to new talent pools along with a financial boost that reduces their onboarding risk.